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Did you know that Ohio is ranked the fifth “hungriest” state in the U.S.? That’s the latest from the Alliance to End Hunger. They also say that Dayton is the second most...

Summer never seems to last long enough – the break goes by quickly, and then it's time to think about school again. But it's important to slowly introduce back-to-school routines before the...

The English language is a complex and interesting maze of words and grammar. Sometimes two different words have the same meaning. Other times the same word has two different connotations. When you...

For many nonprofits, it’s annual report time! Numbers matter but remember to feature what really connects donors to your cause: meaningful visuals. According to Network for Good, readers process visuals 60,000 times...

Simplicity is more than just a buzzword. To some, it’s a way of life. The Interactive Design Foundation says that in user experience and graphic design, it’s a philosophy that encourages designers...