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Making Summer More Fun For Your Employees

Summer is here! Have you been looking longingly out the window at the blue sky and green grass? Odds are your employees are doing exactly the same thing. Instead of holding back the urge to run outside and bask in the sun’s rays go ahead and do it, and bring your employees with you! There’s no reason you can’t work hard but still make summer fun. You’ll not only increase the morale in your office but you’ll also increase productivity.


Having Fun in the Office is Important

Many employers worry about relaxing the environment in the workplace. They fear that allowing fun in the office will reduce productivity. But according to Hallmark Business Connections “engaged employees are 202% more likely to outperform those who are not.”

So wouldn’t it be in your best interest to create an environment that your employees look forward to getting up and going to work rather than dreading it? If you’re not sure how to create this environment keep reading for the top 7 things you can do to cultivate some summer fun at your office.


1. Host a Family Day

Family is typically an individual’s biggest motivator and supporter. Pick an evening just after work or the weekend to allow your employees to bring their families. Invite them to tour the office and offer refreshments and activities for the kids. If the spouse and children of your employees appreciate your work environment your employee will too.


2. Hold Meetings Outside

Rather than keeping everyone cramped inside stuffy meeting rooms consider holding your meetings outside. No place to sit? Hold a walking meeting. Give your employees the opportunity to walk around as they pitch ideas and update their status reports. Walking gives them a chance to get out and move around and helps get the creative juices flowing. Even if they’re just sitting around a picnic table they’re getting to enjoy the warm weather and fresh air.


3. Lunchtime Cookout

What is summer without cookouts? Whether you do it just once per summer or make it a weekly occasion, host a potluck cookout. If you are lucky enough to have a patio or rooftop to work with, take advantage of it. Budget to rent patio furniture or buy it second-hand. If space and city ordinances allow, set up a grill and designate a cook. When outdoor cooking is not an option, people can pack cold sandwiches or salads. If no outdoor space is available, reserve a conference room and decorate it with a checked tablecloth and fresh flowers.


4. Take the Office on a Field Trip

Local attractions like zoos and historic sites often provide group or company discounts. Take advantage of these by hosting a field trip. Carpool from the office or meet at the destination. Make it a team building exercise or just a fun adventure. Keep it appropriate. (A group nature hike is one thing. A trip to the public pool is something else.) And make sure it’s accessible for team members of any age or ability.

One day away from the office may actually boost productivity. People will return feeling recharged and possibly more connected to one another.


5. Fishbowl Fridays

This idea comes from Mike Kerr of Humor at Work. He suggests putting everyone’s name in a basket and having a weekly drawing every Friday during the summer. The individual’s whose name is drawn gets to leave an hour early. This continues each week until everyone gets a chance to start their weekend a little early. They’ll appreciate the chance to enjoy a little more free time and you’ll feel good knowing that you’ve put a smile on their face.


6. Go Beyond Casual Friday

People love showing their true personality and feeling free to let their true selves shine can be liberating for some. You can do this in a multitude of ways. People often express themselves with clothing. During the summer, pick days when you allow staff to dress in support of their favorite sports team or show off their patriotism for Independence Day.


7. Show Your Appreciation… and Not Just in the Summer

Your employees like to know that you recognize their hard work. Express your appreciation all year round! Don’t wait until they’ve done something notable. If you feel like they’re doing a good job, remind them at random times.


While some of these ideas are summer specific they don’t always have to be. Creating an environment where your employees know they are appreciated boosts their production and your revenue. Consider doing some of these motivators to keep morale high all year round.  


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