Men’s Fashion Trends: Trendy Not Crazy

In the journey from concept to client, design is often able to push the boundary in the concept stage then round off the edges once it goes to market.  The difference between a concept car and what the public can purchase once it’s massed produced is often vast.  This difference is often seen in the fashion industry.  Every year high-concept, boundary pushing fashion makes its way down the runway but the trends only influence the ready-to-wear style.  Trends take time to take hold.  True taste-makers can take key trends and incorporate small elements into daily fashion.  No where is that more true than

The Men’s Fall Fashion shows are complete, and the trends seem to be coming from two main camps.  First there are the “Soft Boys”: men’s fashion in pastel colors, oversized sweaters, pearls, and gender fluidity abound.  On the polar opposite end, we see Western elements – cowboy hats, sarape prints and Stetson hats – along with a resurgence of vintage camo and olive drab.  Without going head to toe baby-doll pink, there are a few ways for the average man to add trendy elements to a classic wardrobe.

To make a nod to the Soft-Boy style, consider adding oversized elements to an otherwise tailored look.  An oversized cable knit sweater looks soft but still classic.  Find one in olive or other muted colors to keep the look from being too high concept.  Another way is to consider the accessories. Wearing a suit?  Soft pinks or blue ties, shirts and handkerchiefs and add softness to an otherwise stiff look.

The same could be said for Western wear and vintage – single elements will keep you from looking like a country-bar refugee.  Even think beyond clothing accessories.  Our Cork Mug is a modern way to keep drinks cold but the cork gives it a vintage, classic style.

Be on-trend but not off the wall with a few simple additions to your everyday wardrobe and accessories.  Simple touches can make sure your style swerve still feels classy and work appropriate.

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