Give Your Logo a Holiday Makeover

The holidays approach and as we decorate our homes and businesses, have you considered decorating your logo as well?

For some, a logo is a sacred piece of company branding, never to be touched.  But increasingly some of the biggest brands and businesses take the opportunity to tweak their iconic logos for seasons and holidays.  Holiday-oriented Google logos, a Target logo turned into an ornament, or Lowe’s topped by a Santa hat and the poufy white end becoming the ‘O’ – the possibilities really are endless.

A simple color change can be enough – a subtler or “cooler” branding signals winter, browns and oranges speak to Fall.  Adding pumpkins or snowflakes can increase the seasonal association.  If the logo is flat and simple, a seasonal pattern or texture can transform it.

The slight variation can breathe new life into your logo. You can stand out from the crowd and reinforce your message while adding a touch of fun.  It can also create special logo-ed merchandise to add to your company store or gift to partners.

Here are three ways a holiday themed logo can strengthen your business.

  • Make them look: Showing people your familiar logo with a subtle change often makes them look twice. Seeing both what has changed and what’s stayed the same their brains take the extra split second to look at your logo and create that stronger brand impression.
  • Show your style: Adding customized, holiday-themed logos adds a bit of cheer to your season and brings just a bit more of your brand character to life. Show visitors, clients and customers that you care to keep things up to date while still staying true to your core business identity.
  • Connect with your audience: We all have shopping and celebrations on the brain for the next few months. Mirroring their anticipation is the smartest way to connect before the holidays. Since you get more mileage out of your logo than any other marketing asset, why not showcase it in seasonal designs?

No matter what type of business you operate, show customers that you’re okay with having fun. Holidays boost positive feelings, and customers appreciate brands that go the extra mile to join in. Build customer loyalty by expressing your brand values through shared seasonal experiences.  We hope this serves as inspiration for you to spread the holiday mood and spirit to everyone.

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