Teach About Endangered Species with Crafts

For every endangered species success story, it seems we hear about even more living things in danger. Many kids love animals, so it can be difficult to include them in this harsh reality. However, kids often get motivated when they learn that a beloved species is endangered. You can ignite young minds through arts and sciences: a dazzling duo. Check out this endangered species craft idea to introduce kids to this important topic that will affect their lives for years to come.

Children might discover animals they have never heard of such as the quetzal, numbat, and dhole. Remember, plants can be endangered, too! These creations will remind the children of the importance of animals and plants, therefore, paving the way for a better future.

The activity below relies less on a specific crafting method and more on how you present it. By combining creativity and scientific curiosity, kids have fun while learning.


Choose Your Animal or Plant


Each great discovery starts with good research! The world of information is now one click away. Search for an endangered species that appeals to your child. Let the child be involved in the picking process.


Storify and Educate

After the child chooses a favored endangered animal, turn it into a character with a name. (Popo the Panda, or Chito the Cheetah). Encourage your child to make up stories about the character. You may suggest that Chito the Cheetah loves racing across the savannah, but he’s running out of room to run. Try to incorporate the actual dangers that cheetahs face. Adjust the details according to the child’s age so as not to scare them. Balance out the challenges with hope. Shedding a single light of hope in a child’s mind can trigger a moving response.


Get Crafting


Choose whatever crafting materials your child prefers. You might start as simply as coloring. Search the internet for a line drawing or black-and-white image of your chosen animal and let them color. Remember, there is no right and wrong when choosing colors. Let them go wild! Another option is to use clay or Play-Doh to model the animal. Another is to make a collage out of found scraps of paper and fabric glued onto cardboard.

Check out this list for a whole range of other materials you can use in animal crafts.



Have the child recount the story of the chosen animal. Ask the child what he can do to help. This, too, may require a bit of research. Your local zoo might provide some insight. Perhaps you can “adopt” the animal through a charitable donation. Or, you and your child can commit to an environmental action like composting or turning off the water when you brush your teeth. Let the child write or draw about how this action helps the endangered species, or even act it out.


Post and Share

Lastly, take a picture of the finished product and share it on social media platforms. You may upload the pictures on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with hashtags like #EndExtinction or #SavingSpecies. You may be surprised by the number of people your post touches.


PHOTO: Pixabay / CC0 Public Domain


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