How Hard Did Aging Hit Your Business

If you spend any time on Facebook right now, you might have seen your friends engage in the “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” challenge.  This is where you find your first profile picture and most recent profile picture and share them side by side to see how the last decade has treated you.  It’s a memorable walk through bad phone cameras, questionable fashion choices and personal growth.

Why personal growth?  Because in many of them people look BETTER!  As we age, we learn angles, we learn how to dress and style in a way that highlights our best features.  Many folks become much more comfortable being who THEY are and not carbon copies of magazine ads.  It’s fun to see because NO ONE looks exactly the same, no matter how well they age.

Has Your Company Design Aged Well?

This challenge can be very inspiring for your business.  Businesses grow and develop.  Corporate identity, logos and design style all move and change.  While it’s important to develop some iconic assets those must come from your unique company style and not just because that’s the current trend.  That’s how you get Jelly Shoes – and no one needs those.

Aging On Instagram

Take for example Instagram’s logo.

Instagram Logo

They re-branded in 2016 with their now iconic color gradient.  Their original was inspired by the Polaroid Camera and helped people understand that the platform was about images first.  Helping people understand who you are is important but once you are an iconic player, it can be time to break out and be YOU.  That’s what makes this redesign so fresh.  It is still a camera – still recalls the original design but embraces the current design aesthetic with the modern color palette featuring Millennial Pink right in the center and the fresh color gradient.  You see gradients now in everything from cakes, to hair.  Instagram married their iconic history and modern style.

Consider doing a “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” challenge for your business.  Gather examples of your social media assets, emails & mailers, logo and design choices from 10 years ago and today.  Do they all look the same?  Maybe it’s time for a refresh.  Our designers would love to help you modernize while still celebrating your unique, iconic history.  Reach out (insert link) today and set up an appointment.  After all, no still needs a mullet in 2019.

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