Holiday Hoopla Continues

We’re back with more ways to have fun at a work-place holiday part. We’ve all done the ugly sweater contest, it’s time to make your party games as creative and fun as your team. Last week we suggested simple ways to break the ice and get the party started. This week we’re going active.  These are great when everyone arrives and has had a chance to eat and socialize.

Candy Cane Relay:

  • Supplies Needed: small candy canes, a handful of stockings, chopsticks and several large bowls.
  • Divide the group in teams and place the unwrapped candy canes in the bowls. Each player places a single chopstick in their mouth, their hands behind their back and attempts to hook as many candy canes as possible on their chopstick. The player then transfers their “hooked” candy canes to their team’s stocking. The team with the most candy canes in their stocking is the winner. (Just remember it IS cold and flu season so don’t share the chopstick).
  • This game can be made friendly to those with mobility challenges by placing the bowl and the stocking nearer each other so participants only stand in one spot during the transfer.

Rainbow Snowball Fight:

  • Supplies: 50 balloons or more depending on your group size, blown up. Painter’s tape and a way to track time.
  • Use painter’s tape to create a divider line down the middle of the party room. Each team has two minutes to get as many balloons on the other side as they can without crossing the line.
  • This is great for an active and mobile group. The 2-minute timeline helps keep it from getting too competitive.
  • Be prepared, teams get devious. Stepping on balloons on their side to pop them, hoarding then tossing at the last minute or creating a human wall right at the line, the more competitive your team, the more creative ways they will find to cheat.

Christmas Charades

  • Supplies: A hat or bowl filled with folded slips of papers that contain the names of Holiday Carols, Holiday Movies or Holiday TV Specials.
  • Play this classic game by breaking into teams and tally points to make it a competition. Set a time limit to up the tension.
  • This game lets even participants who don’t want to be up front play along.

You’ve had a great party now end it the right way with a heartfelt message of thanks by the business leader and a special employee gift.  ‘Tis the season to give!

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