Holiday Hoopla

It’s that time of year again!  Egg nog, evergreens and team holiday parties. Looking for a way to inject some holiday fun and cheer into your event? Read on for a few of our favorite holiday games that DON’T involve the ugly sweater.

Get Started: It’s always a challenge to get games going because people arrive at different times. Having easy, low key activities that people can do as they arrive makes the warm up time easier and more fun for the early birds.

  • How Many Ornaments: A great way to start your Christmas party is to have guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree, holiday wreath or other decoration when they walk into the party. The only supplies needed are some slips of paper and pens/pencils.
  • Getting To Know You: Create a Bingo card or other fill in the blank with details about co-workers. Create one from details you know or borrow one online.
  • Decoration Scavenger Hunt: Hide some unique and interesting decorations around the room and create a scavenger hunt. One point for an unblinking light, 20 points for the ONE SINGLE nutcracker with an eyepatch – you get the idea. This takes a little more setup as you have to know or bring decorations for the room but it really gets people moving around and not just camping out by the food or drinks.
  • Holiday Who’s: Before the day of the party, ask employees to bring in (or email) a photo of themselves as a child at the holidays. Label with a number and post on a wall in the party room. Employees write down their guesses, and the person with the most correct answers is the winner. This is another one that can be played as people arrive with minimal supplies but helps teams get to know one another a little better.

You’re party’s just getting started and SO ARE WE! Join our blog next week for a few more games. These are more active and work well later in the party (Spoiler: our favorite includes chopsticks, stockings and mini candy canes!) And as you have games you MUST have prizes. Our website is full of options that can be personalized with your company logo. Give us a call early so we can make sure the elves have your gifts ready by party-time!

Special note: whatever games you choose always think of team members with special challenges. Active games can be hard for those with mobility issues, writing games can be difficult if you have members with vision challenges. Make sure your holiday party team includes a diverse cross-section of your team so everyone can engage and have fun!

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