Fun with Swag

On the popular TV show Big Bang Theory, annoying genius Sheldon Cooper takes the relatively boring topic of Flags and creates a web-show called Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags.  This long running gag has resulted in some great star cameos and many fun costumes (ProTip: Check out the Bavarian Pretzel Clip)

And so, inspired by Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Logos@Work Presents: Fun with Swag!

The OG Swag

Swag has a fantastic history.  According to Wikipedia, “the first known promotional products in the US were commemorative buttons dating back to the election of George Washington in 1789.” These were most likely buttons sewn on clothing although in more modern times you can get pins on the back.  When making buttons, make sure to think of eye-catching colors with a strong central image. Like the Myanmar Flag.  With its central star and bands of color it would be recognizable even as a button.

T-shirts can be More Than 1 Design

In 2017, the promotional products industry totaled $24 Billion according to statistics released by IBISWorld.  Today, the most common promotional product is T-shirts with about 25% of the market.  One of the best things about T-shirts is their ability to have multiple placements; your brand logo on the front, the event advertisement on the back and maybe even a group name on the sleeve.  Use every inch of available space.  Just like the Tibetan flag. It uses every inch of space to create a design that’s colorful, iconic and tells you immediately this is not a boring place!

Don’t Raise the White Flag In Winter

With winter here, there are some specifics swag products to help keep your business hot.  Coffee cups for warmth, insulated lunch bag and duffle bags to support those healthy New Year’s Resolutions or a really great wine opener to get you through the dreary days stuck indoors.  Whatever you choose, make sure that the colors provide a visible contrast, so your message gets seen.  Be inspired by Iceland: just because it’s cold doesn’t mean its flag can’t be full of warmth and contrast.

The most important thing to remember for a successful swag-grab is that it makes your brand memorable.  Take a tip from Dr. Cooper and consider how you can add some Fun to your Swag.  Contact us today for customized products, design help or simply to share more nerdy swag-facts!

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