Design Trends for Spring 2019

How we decorate our living space is a deeply personal reflection of what we want in our lives.  Whether it’s Maria Kondo-style, joy-sparking minimalism or a cluttered cacophony of color and knick-knacks, our homes tell the world who we are and what we hope for.  Taking some time to see what’s coming in our homes, may help you be prepared for design trends across the board.

In: Sustainability

Check any trends piece and this shows up everywhere.  From using natural materials, repurposing old items or simply being mindful of how the item is produced is a strong trend for our homes.  If you’re providing custom, logoed materials think through the sustainability issues: reducing packaging waste, all-natural fiber t-shirts or items produced locally all hit this desire to be good to our environment.

Out: Gender Coding

“This color is girly” is so passé.  Blush, dusty pink and bronze are all over interior design studios.  Even Pantone’s Color of the Year celebrates what has traditionally been considered a feminine hue.   This opens up a world of color options for custom apparel & merchandise – don’t be afraid to use bold pinks, corals or rainbow hues. Just because a color was once considered “girly” doesn’t mean it’s off the table now.  We can wear pink WAY more often than Wednesdays.

In: Mixed Metals

Mixing two or three metals in a room is timeless way to create tasteful balance while providing a totally premium vibe.  For example, brass, gold or nickel accents mix well with either oil-rubbed bronze or aged iron accents. As long as it’s not too much, this combo of shine can take something from ordinary to lux.  When you are buying custom logo-ed items, don’t be afraid to go for something that looks super premium.  This trend tells us everyone wants to shine.


More and more, trends are all about what’s right for an individual home, rather than arbitrary style rules.  Being good to your environment, not being afraid of colors and living your most fabulous life transcend any one individual design scheme and can look at home anywhere.  Let these looks inspire you, reach out to our team for help finding items that that shine.

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