Font Design Trends for 2019

Customize Your Products with the Hottest Font Design Trends of 2019

Create fun, memorable products for your clients and prospects with the hottest font design trends of 2019 with Logos at Work.  Choose something new and fun to make your products stand out!  Let’s take a look at five varieties of fonts that are trending this year.

Sans serif styles are growing in popularity due to the simplicity and classic appearance of this category of typeface.  Fonts such as Helvetica, Future, Arial, and others in the sans serif category are easy to read, evenly spaced, streamlined, and perceived as neutral.  The lack of fancy detail in the sans serif fonts creates end products that are traditional in feeling and direct in messaging, ideal for your promotional materials.  Sans serif fonts are perfect for a less-is-more approach and increasingly popular in brand logos.

Another simple but powerful font trend for 2019 are extra bold fonts.  These sorts of typefaces are incredibly effective and capitalize on a simplicity of design much like the sans serif styles.  Similarly, 3-D typography will provide a creative and fun twist to your products.  For a futuristic presentation, choose a powerful 3-D font.

From the futuristic fun of 3-D fonts, vintage and retro typefaces are also trending this year.  These fonts are whimsical and typically very detailed, adding a level of sophistication when used. For a more personalized feeling in the same vein as the retro fonts, opt for handwritten fonts.  These fonts impart an air of originality and quirk.  If uniqueness is a key goal for your company, then handwritten typefaces are ideal.

To keep your promotions fresh, work with one of these typefaces to craft your ideal products.  Contact Logos at Work today to get started on your unique design!

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