Backpack from Simple Sack to Branded Statement

In 1969 an entrepreneurial innovator convinced the University of Washington’s bookstore to sell their brand new “Ski and Hike Daypack,” which they marketed to university students to carry their books and school supplies.  Although the university’s administrators were initially skeptical that this concept would catch on with students, they agreed to give it a try – and the bags immediately sold out!  It rained so much in Seattle, that students bought up these new “backpacks” so that they could keep their books dry and safe.   Soon after this trend also caught on with younger students and the rest is history!

It’s hard to imagine an academic world without backpacks.  Iconic old movie scenes of carrying stacks of books that are too tall for students to see over and the student invariably bumps into their crush or grouchy principal and the books go everywhere – or even stacks of books squeezed together with an old leather belt and slung over shoulders as the kids slug their books home – dance through our heads as the unpleasant alternative to a world without backpacks…

Fast forward to today’s student, who also needs to carry around additional supplies (i.e. pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, paper, notebooks, paperclips, binders, agenda books, calculators, protractors, and tablets and laptops) and the absolute necessity for backpacks in today’s world is clear.  Backpacks are a $2.7 billion business per year in the United States and that more than 174 million units were sold in 2015 according to the Travel Goods Association.  Interestingly, backpacks are now being used by more than just students these days!  In fact, last year there was an 18% increase in sales of women’s backpacks, while handbag sales dropped.  In today’s ever-mobile world, people of all ages are using backpacks not only for schoolbooks, but for hiking and camping trips, packing to go to the beach, trips to the gym, camera bags, and even overnight bags for business trips.

Consider how you can jump on this trend by creating your very own swag bag with backpacks.  Logos At Work can embroider or screen print your company’s logo or other unique design onto backpacks.  Keep your company or team and its products or services at the forefront of people’s minds and use promotional backpacks as a conversational piece with your intended demographic!  Not sure what to put on your backpacks?  Consult with one of our Graphic Designers today!

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