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You know what kind of job candidate you’re looking for. You also have a solid understanding of what the job entails. Finally, you’re well aware of the values at your business and its culture. Yet communicating this information by writing a job posting in order...

Each business decides to purchase employee uniforms through a different route. Is it a style choice? Are the uniforms for branding purposes? Do employees at competing or similar businesses all wear uniforms? Those are all questions to consider for your move forward. Whether you are...

A professional environment that suffers from low morale experiences less productivity, higher turnover, and less company profit. Some companies, especially small ones, think that they can’t afford to boost the morale of the company. The fact of the matter is that they can’t afford not...

A summer company picnic is a fantastic way to bring your employees together outside the office, have some fun, and raise morale. Hamburgers or veggie burgers, volleyball or sunbathing – who doesn’t like a picnic? A lot goes into planning a memorable company picnic that meets...