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Summer never seems to last long enough – the break goes by quickly, and then it's time to think about school again. But it's important to slowly introduce back-to-school routines before the vacation is over. Implementing these steps early helps prepare you and your children...

There is something to be said for the ingenuity of a child’s mind. By encouraging our youth and giving them creative freedom we see what they’re capable of. Some of our everyday products like TV and even the fold in the brown paper bag were...

Remember the joy of jumping in puddles? How about making mud pies? If it’s warm enough and lightning-free, there’s no reason to make kids stay indoors on a rainy day. In fact, it can be an especially memorable time to go out and play. Here...

Did you know that pink used to be the preferred color for little boys? As Smithsonian magazine reports, parents of boys in 1927 were encouraged to dress them in pink. Meanwhile, parents of baby girls should choose blue because “pink, being a more decided and...