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Superhero Costumes Kids Can Make

Superheros are huge these days, and kids love to dress up as them. Dressing in superhero costumes can help a child feel powerful and confident. It exercises the imagination, too. Don’t wait for Halloween. Kids can dress up around the house, for theme parties, or your nearest comic book convention.

The best part is, little superheroes can look any way they like. Costumes can be made easily from everyday materials. Let your children make their own costumes, or work together to craft their creation. You can copy a favorite hero from the movies or better yet, invent one. Your child’s hero can reflect his or her own unique qualities.


Superhero Costume Basics

You can start with anything. You might use solid colored pajamas or an old T-shirt. Choose from among the clothes your child already has but doesn’t wear anymore. If you want something special, try thrift stores. Even an old piece of your own clothing could be turned into something, say an adult shirt turned into a child-size tunic. Traditionally, Spandex is a popular fabric for superhero costumes, so an old bathing suit or dance recital costume might provide your base. However, anything goes for today’s heroes, so they can wear whatever makes them feel powerful.


Superhero “Branding”

Your hero needs a personal symbol or logo. Draw a simple symbol like a letter or a lightning bolt, as shown here, on some felt. Cut it out and attach to the clothing. A child who’s old enough might sew it on, or you could help them glue it. Incorporate the symbol into other parts of the costume, like wristbands, a helmet, or a shield.


Superhero Costume Accessories

The sky’s the limit when it comes to accessories. Look at heroes in movies, TV, or comics for inspiration. Consider, belts, wristbands, helmets, hats, masks, and don’t forget capes! You can make many of these things out of fabric scraps. Visit a fabric store or cut up old clothes and blankets.

Anything from an old pair of rain boots to gladiator sandals can provide footwear. Make sure, if your hero fights crime outdoors, that footwear provides safe, comfortable coverage.

You can make a mask from just about anything, including modified store-bought masks or fabric with elastic. This tutorial shows a more advanced version while this one is a little easier.


Superhero Tech and Weaponry

Some heroes rely on awesome technology to save the day. Here are instructions for making a jetpack out of two-liter soda bottles. An old, unused smart phone or tablet can serve as your hero’s communication device.

A superhero needs “weapons” to defend himself and others. Decide what you’re comfortable with, from foam-tipped bows and arrows to plastic light sabers or “laser guns.” If you’d rather your child not engage in pretend violence, focus on making a really cool shield. Here’s an example of one made from cardboard and duct tape.


When your child invests the time and energy into making a superhero costume, it will be that much more special. As he or she tries it out, new ideas will arise. They can modify the costume depending on the mission for the day. Have fun and be super!


PHOTO: Porapak Apichodilok / CC0 Public Domain

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