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Outdoor Summer Fun with Your Dog

Summer is a time when we humans like to ramp up the fun, outdoor adventures. If you are a dog lover, make sure you include “Rover” as you plan your summer activities. Here’s how to have tons of (safe) summer fun with your dog.


Emphasis on Safety

A safe summer equals a fun summer, for people as well as dogs. Consider your dog’s breed. You probably know a lot about your that breed already. It wouldn’t hurt to maintain that knowledge by reviewing conditions or precautions for your kind of dog. Some dogs are more sensitive to heat, to swimming, to aggressive running and joint strain.


Activity Level and Heat

If you have been less active during the cooler months, you might need time to transition to high levels of exertion. Your dog is the same way. Make sure that you give your dog a gradual increase in physical activity. Also consider the heat. Because dogs (typically) can’t speak to us, telling us when they are uncomfortable, you have to watch for signs. If they are breathing very hard and their heart is pounding, dial back the activity. Give them some rest and water.



Staying hydrated is very important for your dog. They don’t sweat the same way we do, but their panting performs a similar function. Keep pausing for opportunities to give water.



Along those same lines, many people don’t realize that their dogs can get sunburned. This is especially true for light-colored and shorthaired breeds. Get a spray formulated for dogs at your pet supply location. Make sure you get their ears, and any other sensitive, upward facing surfaces.


Local Events

There is no shortage of activities in the summer, wherever you live, to enjoy with your canine and human friends.


Join Local Pet Owner Groups

Or frequent your local, designated dog-park for meet-up notices and opportunities. These notice boards and email newsletters are filled with fun events to put on your calendar.


Pet Socialization

Some meet-ups are specifically designed to help pets learn to socialize with other dogs. Who knows, it might also give you the opportunity to make new people friends too!


Hit the Dog Park

Check what kinds of dog parks exist in your area. Some are free and open to anyone. The downside is, you don’t know for sure that other dogs are vaccinated and well-behaved. Some dog parks operate on a membership basis. For this kind, you will show proof of veterinary care and usually pay a daily or monthly fee. You may spend more, but earn peace of mind.


Pet Shows

These are fun events to show off your pet. Get creative, maybe you can win a prize. This can be a great source of attention for your pet, if that fits their temperament.


Visit a Lake or Other Safe Body of Water

If your dog is the type that likes to swim, take them to a lake where they can splash and swim safely. Make sure you read the posted signs for restrictions or danger. It might also be a good idea to keep an eye out for snapping turtles if they can be found in your area.


Watch for Late-Season Pet Days at Public Pools

Right before the pool is drained and cleaned at the end of the season, some public pools allow pet owners to let their dogs have a splash. This can be a really special time as the warm weather season is starting to slip away!


Buy a Kiddie Pool

If traveling to a lake or a pool, and risking the upholstery of your car is too much, you could get a cheap pool at your local store and invite other FWP (friends with pets) over to splash around. You could make it a picnic or barbecue event for the bi-peds!



If your dog has the right calm, warm, friendly temperament consider volunteering your pooch to be a therapy dog at a local nursing home or hospital. They will likely love the attention and you’ll be sharing the love with people who really need it.


Get the Right Gear

All this activity can be made better or easier with the right gear. We mentioned monitoring hydration and giving plenty of water during the activities. You can and should carry along doggy water bottles and collapsible pet bowls to give your dog frequent drinks.

Most parks, communities and trails expect you to clean up after your pet. Make sure you bring along plenty of “poop bags” (preferably the compostable/biodegradable kind.) A few paper towels and even a pair of rubber gloves might be handy for a time that is particularly messy.

We mentioned that a lot of dogs love to swim. Your dog may benefit from a life vest to give them confidence or to improve their safety during water activities. Some owners even take their dogs boating. Just use life vests (for both of you) and follow all safety precautions.

A leash of the correct length, or adjustable to varying lengths, really enhances safety in unfamiliar locations around traffic and other animals.

Whether you’re out, away from home or in your own backyard, some durable toys provide entertainment and other benefits for your dog. Make sure you have a variety to see what they like.


More Special Gear to Delight Dog Lovers

If you are organizing an event that is likely to attract dog lovers, don’t forget that Logos@Work sells many of these items and can customize them. Potential customers are always looking for a new, fun dog toy or useful gadget. Send home something fun and helpful that features your company name or logo for your product or service. >> Take a moment to check out the many options that are available!


This is just a small sample of the many kinds of outdoor opportunities you have for fun with your dog. Use these ideas as a starting place or as inspiration to explore more safe, outdoor fun with your dog!


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