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KonMari Your Trade Show Booth

Unless you’re living without internet – or have been covered in piles of your own hoarded stuff – you can’t help but have been exposed to the KonMari method created by Mari Kondo.  Kondo is the tidying up guru who rules Netflix, bookshelves and the internet.  She helps people look at mounds of possessions and ask one question: Does this spark joy?

Her book is called the “Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” however for most, it starts with discarding.  Removing what isn’t necessary so that what remains can be properly stored, displayed and valued.  Books, clothing, kitchen implements, whatever is cluttering your cabinets and heart, Kondo claims that one question can solve all your problems and help you live a simpler life with easier access to the things you need and only surrounded by items that spark joy.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful at your next tradeshow?

Do You Really Need That Brochure?

Print materials – they are great to “close” a conversation: “Here take this and get back to us.” Yet how many times have you seen the trashcans at trade-shows overflowing with discarded print materials?  Look at all your items and ask,,is this REALLY necessary?  Depending your business, you may have brochures for different business units, post cards, business cards, company information and more.  All those materials need shelves to contain and display plus space to hide boxes to refill those shelves.  Don’t just think about eliminating one piece of material, think of the various cascade effect of removing items that don’t work hard for you.  It saves space, saves money and saves paper waste.

Alternatives include having iPad signups right in the booth, app downloads to review documents and simply highlighting the PEOPLE that are there to provide information.

Speaking of People

Speaking of the people in your booth – when was the last time you really looked at their clothes?  Tradeshows need clear branding and we want to give people space to show their own personalities.  Gone are the days of a single, uniform look for everyone.

In the KonMari method all clothes are dumped on the bed and then looked at individually.  Does this fit, need repair, flatter, in fashion?  Look at your tradeshow uniform.  Does this represent your brand well and is there room for personal styling?  Our website offers various options and sizing.  Get what fits, flatters and get more than one per person.  Most trade shows are more than one day.  Keep them in good repair and get new ones regularly.

Put It All Together

Finally, the KonMari method works to properly display and appreciate all items that remain.  It’s a particularly Shinto way of looking at the world.  Apply this to any booth give-aways.  A pile of pens may be easy to grab but properly displayed those pens now look like something special.

Fewer items, displayed in attractive ways and made easily accessible makes a trade show booth simpler, more interesting and possibly even more productive.  THAT certainly sparks joy!



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