Helping Employees Meet #NewYearNewYou Goals

When January comes around many folks are concentrating on self-improvement goals, particularly getting healthier.  As many employees spend more “awake” time at work than any other place, it’s important for offices to support those goals.  We’ve got 3 tips to help your employees go the distance with their goals!

#1 Get Inviting!

One simple change that many employees take this time of year is simply taking the stairs over the elevator.  Encourage this behavior by making sure your stairwell isn’t dingy or unattractive.  Put as much thought into decorating and making the space inviting as you would other employee centric areas.  Make sure it is climate controlled and consider adding signage.  Calculate the number of calories burned at each flight of stairs and provide colorful posters and flyers letting them know the impact of their good choices.

#2 Get Moving!

Sitting at a desk all day is easy to do if there are not thoughtful ways to get moving.  Do you do a regular one-one-one with a staff member?  If a computer is not required, consider making those walking meetings.  Around the office or around the block, the chance to move and talk can help create some surprising connections and keep routine meetings from feeling boring.  Also consider installing standing or treadmill desks.  These are simple and tangible ways you can say to employees we care about your health and comfort.  Finally map out a walking path around the office and encourage some easy indoor steps.

#3 Get Fueled!

Workplace snacks can be the bane of a dieter’s existence.  Help people achieve their goals by encouraging healthy options.  Consider offering an employee fruit bowl; providing apples or oranges can help employees avoid the 3PM chocolate craving in healthy ways.  If you provide an on-site cafeteria, make sure ingredient and nutrition counts are readily available so people can make the choices right for them.  One easy goal to support is simply drinking more water.  Create some high quality, large capacity logoed water bottles and distribute then in early January.  #StayHydratedStayHealthy

Just remember that as you encourage healthy habits, that can be different for everyone.  Simply offer tools and celebrate with employees when their own goals are met.  This way, every step counts!

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