FORE: Sometimes You Get More than One Shot

When it comes to golf, the emphasis always seems to be on what you can’t do.  All those rules and limits contribute to the sport’s reputation as something for people “in the know.”  But even committed golfers may not know all the things you CAN do.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few but two are our favorites.


Rule 14-6: Ball Moving in Water

Almost every course has a water hazard.  Many are not simply ponds but small creeks or running water of some kind.  So what happens when you hit a shot from your tee into a brook (or in some cases a small river) on the course and when you arrive to locate your ball, you discover it is moving with the current?

If it hasn’t come to rest yet, you can avoid a penalty stroke for the water hazard by hitting the ball while it’s in motion.  Yes – hit the ball while it is STILL MOVING.  That’s the catch to Rule 14-6, “the player may, without penalty, make a stroke, but he must not delay making his stroke in order to allow the wind or current to improve the position of the ball.”

Who knows where the shot will land if taken immediately; but for an experienced player it can be fun to try what can feel like bending the rules.

Rule 11-3: Ball Falling off Tee

It happens to every golfer.  You set the tee in the ground (maybe your own custom tees), set your ball and as you give your club a little waggle a small, accidental tap happens and the ball falls off.  Everyone knows it’s not intended to be a stroke but there is always that ONE GUY who “helpfully” yells “FORE!”

GOOD NEWS, as long as it was not an intended stroke, there is no penalty or incurred stroke.  Just pop the ball back on the tee and line up your shot.

Know the Rules

In any game it’s important to know the rules to play a fun and memorable game.  Whether it’s business or pleasure, remember these two rules and impress your friends – and maybe even win a bet back at the 19th hole.

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