Dress for Success

Are you interviewing for your dream job? Meeting with a new client that you need to impress? Or are you simply interested in looking and feeling good on any given day. Every situation is worthy of a new look that will make you look and feel good too!


Why Dress for Success?

Not only do our clothes affect other people’s’ perceptions of us, it affects us personally and and internally too. There is a proven connection between wearing the right clothes and a confidence boost for both men and women.

A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology displays this connection. The study conducted in 2012 shows that doctors who wore white lab coats, made half as many mistakes on attention-demanding tasks in comparison to doctors who did not dress in white lab coats. Another study conducted in 2014 displays the importance of dress during negotiations. Male subjects who “dressed up” obtained significantly more profitable deals. The subjects who wore their usual suits or attire had lower testosterone levels and less profitable deals.

Although employers, coworkers, client, etc. should be focused on your ideas and efforts, there is no denying that a put-together outfit boosts your overall package.


How to Dress for Success

Start by cleaning out your closet

Donate or throw out anything that is damaged, out of style, never worn, or no longer fits. This process may be hard and time consuming, but it’s the first step and one of the most important in the journey to your wardrobe of success! Now that you have a fresh and condensed closet, you can start putting together items that are perfect for your successful start. It’s time to rebuild your wardrobe to reflect reflect your style, as well as where you want to be in your life and career.

Quality over quantity

Focus on purchasing quality items. Buying quality items shows a commitment to your job. When shopping, pay attention to hems, zippers, and fabrics. Although sometimes pricier, these items are built to last so not only will they look better, but they’ll also feel better too. Better quality items are softer in texture, and hold up to washing, ironing, everyday wear, spills, and stains (especially the daily coffee stains). Additionally, quality items are less likely to fade, stretch, or become worn or sloppy looking. These items will be worth your spending in the long-run. But remember…purchasing quality items does NOT require you to break your bank! Clothing does not require a designer label to be considered high quality and durable.

Focus your search on staple items. If a staple item fits well, buy multiple! This is for sure to come in handy. Staple items are where you can and should splurge! Find items that can be mixed, matched and crossover for different occasions. You’re better off rotating a selection of quality items and looking put together every day and accessorizing differently each time.

Be patient with your shopping as creating a wardrobe of quality items takes time!

Don’t “over do it”

If your look is head-to-toe designer clothing, you may want to take a step back into your closet. Dressing more extravagantly and flashy than clients may come off as superior. Additionally, you don’t want to signal that you don’t “need” to work.


As in any job or task, organization is crucial!  On the big day, you will find yourself significantly less stressed if your blazers, skirts, slacks, jeans, sweaters, and accessories are all right where they should be.

Purchasing quality, matching hangers is a huge help! Coordinated hangers care for your clothes and give your closet a clean look to help you stay organized. Try organizing by item type and see if this works for you after a week or two. If not, maybe categorizing by color works best! All in all, figure out the best way to organize that makes sense for YOU.

Store your most-used items at eye level and less-used items high above. Shelf dividers are a easy way to keep folded items and accessories neat. Adding lights to your closet is also helpful to see and use what’s hidden up there!

No matter how big or small your closet space is, maximize the space and keep it organized!

Dress accurate to who and what you are

Tailoring your wardrobe to accurately represent who you are and what you are is essential. The way you dress is often a reflection of who you are and how the outside world views you. Accessories are the perfect way to show your personality and add a unique touch. Sometimes all a power outfit needs is a great pair of heels!

By dressing for your lifestyle and staying true to your taste and what you feel best in, people will notice this confidence and the success is sure to follow!


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Photo credit: Markus Spiske / CC 2.0

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