5 Ideas to Take Your Employee Events from Yawn to Yowza!

Employee events happen any time of the year: from the annual holiday party to a summer picnic these events are a chance to say thanks, build relationships and get people out of the same ‘day-to-day’ mindset.  If you want to really make an impact, don’t settle for the same boring event.  Check out these five ideas with not a PowerPoint presentation in sight!


Human “Sheep Herding”

Yes really, it’s a thing.  Human shepherding takes the blindfolded trust activities of yore and turns it up to an 11.  The emphasis here is on listening and giving clear instructions, working together and paying attention when folks need help.  Learn more here: https://www.actiondays.co.uk/outdoor-events/human-sheep-herding/


Board Games with the Board

Board game parties are becoming popular!  Combine cooperative games like Pandemic or Mysterium with a chance to play along with member of the Board.  Bring multiple copies of games and assign one Board member per table – to play as an equal, not a leader.  This one really works in breaking down barriers.


Shoe Box Derby

Provide teams materials like tape/glue, paints, wheels and a Shoe box.  Give them a set time and a chance to design the best race car out of the provided materials.  You can make it harder by requiring all materials to be used in some way.  At the end of the day all the teams race for the grand prize.


Aluminum Foil Chef

Iron Chef is a Food Network TV show where professional chefs are given a mystery ingredient and an unlimited pantry to make a multi-course gourmet meal.  Aluminum Foil Chef gives a few ingredients and invites teams to make one unique food item.  The key is bringing in “Celebrity Judges.” Senior executives, local celebrities or even let the kids of the employees’ judge.  Make sure to bring sufficient cleanup material for this one.


Mini-Spa Day

Got a super-stressed team?  Keep them working but show your thanks by providing a spa day.  You can bring in local stylists, nail teams, a chair masseuse or other professionals and let your team sign up for short sessions throughout the day.  A high-end lunch and some cucumber water complete the event.

Break away from the every day.  Events are your chance to say thank you to the people who keep your event running.  A fun event with a memorable and useful piece of swag will tell your team you really appreciate them.

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