15 of the Most Unique Products for Your Custom Prints

Companies want attention. They want to perk the interest of potential customers. Getting those customers to remember the product or service that their company is selling can be a daunting hurdle. A common business practice is to give a gift that is functional and useful while being printed with a company name and/or logo. An important way to encourage customers to keep the custom-printed product is to give something fresh and unique. Here are 15 unique products that will meet the company goal of brand recognition.


1. Mini Airplane Clock

Novelty items are quite popular in the decor of homes and offices, so a miniature airplane clock will look right at home. Your company branding will get frequent exposure as they verify the time on this airplane’s functional clock.

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2. Frisbee Flyer

Turn your promotion into a game with a frisbee flyer. These are available in a variety of sizes and styles such as hard plastic and collapsible nylon. No worries about whether you brand will end up in the right hands!

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3. Mini Gold Rubber Duck Key Chain

Key chains can be a dime a dozen, but what about with a rubber duck that quacks and shines a LED light through the dark? This fun piece would surely make its rounds through a consumer’s home or work. Imagine the questions that would be raised by others and the resulting brand exposure!

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4. Car Air Freshener

Unless you just bought a brand new car, you likely keep an air freshener inside the cabin to cover any odors to be found. Because air fresheners last a good while, your printed mark will get lots of face-to-face time with potential customers.

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5. Grill Master BBQ Set

If it’s warm weather outside, there is a good chance that you are itching to barbecue on the grill. So, this is a nifty set that any grilling consumer will keep to satisfy their charbroiling needs. One set in particular unfolds into a functional apron that puts your brand front and center.

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6. Goofy™ Bendy Pen/Phone Stand

The more smartphones increase in size, the more people set them down and prop them up for ease of use. A phone stand can be a great and purposeful gift. There is even a pen and phone stand combo available for any business promotional needs.

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7. Hot Hub

Most people cannot resist a good cup of coffee. Unfortunately, a mug of coffee can quickly cool. So, a Hot Hub can keep a mug warm and be a handy addition to any desktop. And guess who’s branding is advertised with each and every use? Hopefully yours!

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8. First Class Travel Kit

Your customers are going to love having a kit that takes the guesswork of how much liquid they can put in their travel carry-on as they fly around the country. This is a useful product to ease the stress of traveling the big, blue skies.

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9. Fitness Mat

Employee wellness is being promoted at an unprecedented rate. As employees strive to take advantage of provisions that help them reach their goals and company benefits, they appreciate exercise accessories. A fitness mat would be a useful addition to their collection and be sure to show off your brand to the rest of the gym.

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10. Pet Bed

Some people treat their pets better than themselves. So, it should be no wonder that pet lovers would be quick to adopt an accessory like a pet bed to make their pet even more comfortable. A happy pet will make a happy owner.

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11. Coloring Book for Adults

The popularity of coloring book for adults has just exploded in resent years. As a popular pastime, this would be an excellent and unique way to promote a company effort while giving others hours of colorful fun.

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12. Custom Flash Drive

There are plenty of flash drives out there, but to happen upon a flash drive that doesn’t look like a flash drive is truly unique. Create a custom mold at any shape or size of your choosing. The more special the design, the more your brand effort will catch people’s attention.

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13. Classic Cowbell

So many modern puns and jokes involve the cowbell. Thus, it should be of no surprise that a printed cowbell can go a long way to spread the work of your business initiative. This could not only be a fun desk item, but also help an office or household celebrate successes among everyone on the team or in the family.

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14. Blue Sky & Rainbow Umbrella

The umbrella can be a rather common custom printed product, but this spin on that idea could prove very effective in drawing attention to a business’ initiative. Viewing clouds and rainbows under an umbrella would lift anyone’s spirits on a gray and rainy day.

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15. Stainless Steel Ice Cube

There may be nothing more annoying than a watered down drink. Enter the stainless steel ice cube. Keep these liquid-filled cubes in the freezer and plop them in a drink when ready to serve. This unique and functional gift will be used over and over for constant and consistent printed product exposure.

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These are just 15 of the many unique custom-printed products available on the market today. Do some research. These products range from common and popular to the strange and unique. So, find the printed promotional item that works best for your company needs!


Photo credit: Per Arne Slotte / CC SA 2.0

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